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Can Whole Body Cryotherapy Help with Weight Loss?

By HighKey Balance

January 18, 2023

Cryotherapy is a revolutionary therapy that involves exposing the body to freezing cold temperatures for a few minutes each session. It’s been shown to be beneficial in helping fight chronic diseases and lower stress.

But can whole body cryotherapy also help you to lose weight when you want to shed a few pounds?

The truth is, while whole body cryotherapy might not be a direct weight loss method, there are several benefits to the therapy, including that you may lose weight.

Whole Body Cryotherapy and Weight Loss

Several studies have connected cold exposure with weight loss. One study, in particular, found that when your body is exposed to cold temperatures, mainly those below 62°F, this activates the brown adipose tissue in your body.

Brown adipose tissue, also called BAT, is responsible for some aspects of fat burning. When your body is exposed to cold, the BAT gets working and begins burning fat to make energy.

Cryotherapy exposes your body to temperatures far below 62°F, so it makes sense that after a few sessions, you would begin to notice a loss of a few pounds thanks to your BAT and its increased fat burning.

Another study has shown that frequent exposure to cold temperatures can also increase metabolism. Increased metabolism means your body will be better able to process the sugars and fats you’re eating—which can help you to push yourself harder when working out and promote overall weight loss.

While cryotherapy may not cause massive amounts of visible weight loss, when combined with another weight loss program (like an exercise plan), you’ll likely find it much easier to lose weight than with an exercise program alone.

The Benefits of Using Whole Body Cryotherapy for Weight Loss

There are many benefits to combining your current weight loss plan with cryotherapy, one of which is that your body will heal from exercise better. This means you will be able to exercise more and lessen your chances of sustaining an injury as you challenge yourself at the gym or on the field.

Cryotherapy also helps reduce stress and inflammation, both of which play a major part in weight gain.

Cryotherapy is easy to add to your current weight loss plan because it doesn’t require significant time or effort. Most cryotherapy sessions last for just 5 minutes, and it’s recommended to repeat them just 2-3 times per week.

Plus, cryotherapy has very few side effects, and if you experience any, they typically dissipate quickly—so it’s a relatively painless procedure.

Ready to Try Whole Body Cryotherapy Weight Loss?

Does it sound like whole body cryotherapy can help you to meet your weight loss goals?

At HighKey Balance, we’re committed to helping you meet your health and fitness goals using methods like cryotherapy. View our cryotherapy packages and book online, or call us if you have any questions. Get started on your wellness journey today!

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