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What Can We Help You With?

About Our All-In-One Wellness Studio

Who We Are

At HighKey Balance, we specialize in personalized wellness and recovery treatment for athletes and others who train and play hard. We specialize in sports and clinical bodywork using healthy, alternative practices and a holistic approach.


Our Mission

Our goal is straightforward—to allow you to move pain-free so you can reach your full potential, live the life you want, and do more of what you love.


Our Philosophy

At HighKey Balance, we firmly believe in the body’s ability to self-heal. Every person who comes through our doors receives personalized insight and care from our wellness experts. Our recovery specialists are also educators—we share our knowledge to help you continue to be proactive about your recovery after you’ve left our studio.

Our State-of-the-Art Facility


Why HighKey?

Personalized Wellness & Recovery

We craft an intuitive, personalized treatment strategy to help you use your body's natural healing abilities.

Healthy, Alternative Practices

We’re a forward-thinking wellness studio that takes a holistic approach to managing your pain and discomfort.

Knowledgeable Experts

We’re a team of highly trained wellness specialists with expertise in a variety of therapeutic techniques.

Why We Do What We Do

Sarah Steele

The Washington Ballet

Serki and her team are pros. Best advice for those looking for treatment: when both ballerinas and football players keep coming back for more, you know it's good. Highly recommend the cryo/sauna/boots combo. You'll feel like a new person.

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Be as fierce about your body’s recovery as you are about physical performance. Contact us today to discuss a therapeutic plan to help you rejuvenate and relax.