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What Is Whole Body Cryotherapy? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

By HighKey Balance

October 9, 2022

Cold therapy has been around for a very long time. For example, did you know the ancient Egyptians used it to treat injuries and inflammation?

Today, cryotherapy, specifically whole body cryotherapy, has emerged as a popular treatment for athletes, weekend warriors who are always on the go, and people struggling with chronic pain.

Whole Body Cryotherapy, Explained

Also called cryogenic therapy, whole body cryotherapy is a treatment meant to address inflammation, soreness, and other ailments through exposure to sub-zero temperatures.

What Is Whole Body Cryotherapy Like?

Whole body cryotherapy is a quick and easy treatment. During cryotherapy, you enter a specialized chamber that is supercooled to as cold as minus 300 degrees Fahrenheit.

Once inside, your entire body (except your head and face) is subjected to extreme cold for just two to four minutes. During treatment, your hands and feet are covered for your protection.

When you first enter the cryo chamber, you’ll feel a rush of invigorating, very cold air surrounding your body. Because your body remains dry, you will not feel as if you are freezing, but you may find the sensation strange initially.

It’s important to note that the treatment is perfectly safe—the cryo chamber’s liquid nitrogen chilling agent never touches your skin. Plus, there’s an auto shut-off timer at 3 minutes, and you can open the chamber’s unlocked door anytime if you feel uncomfortable.

After finishing treatment and exiting the cryo chamber, many patients report feeling a wave of relaxation. You’ll also feel alert and energetic for about six to eight hours, and inflammation will decrease, making you feel more flexible. Some people also experience better sleep after whole body cryotherapy.

How Often Can I Do Treatments?

It depends on the results you’re looking for, but whole body cryotherapy is most effective when done regularly. For most people, that’s two to three times a week. For professional athletes in rigorous training, whole body cryotherapy can be done up to twice a day. Some athletes go daily for ten days and then twice a month afterward.

What Can Whole Body Cryotherapy Do for Me?

Cryotherapy can help you get back to doing what you love most, whether that's hiking, swimming, running, or just enjoying a pain-free day.

It Can Relieve Joint, Muscle, and Nerve Pain

Cryotherapy can offer relief from mild joint, muscle, and nerve pain in a few different ways.

First, by lowering your skin and muscle temperature, cryotherapy can reduce swelling and minimize inflammation. These extreme temps also minimize nerve activity and increase your body's production of white blood cells, further reducing inflammation.

This makes it a great option for people who are looking to:

  • Recover from workouts
  • Heal mild sports injuries
  • Ease chronic pain
  • Address arthritic pain and inflammation

Cryotherapy is just as beneficial for someone in their 20s as it is for someone in their 60s. Regardless of why your muscles and joints are feeling achy, cryotherapy can help you find relief.

It Can Boost Your Metabolism

Cryotherapy may be able to boost your weight loss efforts by improving your overall metabolism. This means that your body will burn calories and fat more quickly after treatment. Cryogenic therapy can be especially helpful for anyone who has hit a plateau in their weight loss journey.

Although cryotherapy is not a weight loss treatment, it may be able to reduce the amount of fat you have by freezing and destroying stubborn deposits. Once destroyed, your body naturally metabolizes and flushes out the fat cells.

It Can Improve Your Overall Mood

Exposure to extreme cold temperatures is thought to release certain mood-regulating chemicals in your brain, including adrenaline and endorphins. This can have a positive impact on your overall mood and help relieve some of the symptoms associated with certain mood disorders, such as depression and anxiety.

Getting Started with Cryotherapy

At HighKey Balance, we are excited to help you feel your best with a personalized wellness plan featuring whole body cryotherapy. Get in touch with us to get started on your wellness plan!

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