Reiki Treatment


What areas are your services offered? 

At this time we're ONLY offering mobile services. In-home massage is offered in the DC, MD, VA area. You provide the space and we provide the set-up! You’ll enjoy your massage in the comfort, convenience, safety and privacy of your own home. 

What are my massage choices?

Choose the session type, duration, massage style or pressure for a totally customized experience. All sessions include cupping & theragun to enhance your treatment. We are not offering membership packages at this time. 

Will my therapist bring a massage table?

Yes, your therapist will provide a massage table for your appointment, or use yours if you already own one.

How do I prepare for my Highkey Sports Therapy?

Your massage therapist will arrive 15 minutes before your appointment time to set up. We're currently requiring you to provide your own linens due to safety precautions. Clear an area about 6 by 10 feet, and take out two clean sheets and a pillowcase.  

What if I need to cancel my appointment?

Our massage therapist are in high demand and often travel throughout the day visiting multiple clients so we hope you are very confident that you will be at the service location in time for your appointment. If an unforeseen circumstance does arise that requires your cancellation up to 4-hours prior to the appointment, there will be no charge. Should you cancel your appointment within 4-hours of its scheduled start time, a flat fee of $100 will be charged.  With such a short window prior to the appointment, it is likely that the therapist will already be en route to your location with little to no time to rebook your time slot. Thank you for your understanding and support! 

How do I pay for my session?

Your credit card information is required to book an appointment, but the payment will not be processed until after the massage is completed. We accept all major forms of credit and debit cards (Amex, Visa, MasterCard, Discover). Alternatively we also accept FSA and cash payments via CashApp and Venmo. 

I want to book a chair massage for an event. How can I set that up? 

Please send your request to


How long are the cups applied?

Depending on your body and the coloration markings, the cups may be placed on your skin for up to 10-15 minutes. They may either stay in place for that time, or the therapist may glide them along a muscle or onto another location of your body.

Are they bruises?

NO, they are not.  Bruises are broken blood vessel. The dark markings are more like “hickeys”. Those hickey-like marks are just places where stagnation has been pulled to the surface of your skin where the lymphatic  system can carry it out.

Is it normal for it to be sensitive to touch where those marks are?

YES, it’s completely normal to be a little sensitive to touch in my experience. The tenderness won’t last longer than 48 hours if the patient drinks plenty of water as it helps with circulation and re-hydrating your muscles.

Is it normal for some cupping marks to be darker than others?

Yes, the cupping marks only appear where you have stagnation or muscle tension. I can have the same amount of suction on either side of your body and one side will have a deep purple mark and the other side will have nothing. Typically, whatever side you are more dominant on or have had previous injury/surgery on will be darker.

How long do the markings last?

Typically, anywhere from 24 hours to 2 weeks depending on how dark they are.





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