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Why Your Company Should Invest in a Wellness Plan

By HighKey Balance

February 20, 2023

There has been a lot of information in the news lately about the increasing popularity of company wellness plans. Once thought of as a way to entice employees to work for a particular company, wellness plans are beginning to impact multiple aspects of a business positively.

Whether you want to provide better for your employees or are looking to reap other wellness program benefits, read on to learn more about why your company should invest in a wellness plan.

5 Wellness Program Benefits

1. Improves Employee Health

The entire purpose of a wellness program is to teach your employees about the importance of their health and how to maintain it. When you put funds into a wellness program, it is highly likely that you will save money in other areas in the future, namely healthcare costs.

As employees learn more about the importance of diet and exercise, they are less likely to be injured or contract chronic illnesses—two areas known to drain a company’s allotted healthcare funds.

2. Lowers Work Absences

The next wellness program benefit is that as your employees become healthier, they will be absent less.

Employees who are unhealthy tend to get sick or injured more easily, causing them to miss more days of work than healthy employees.

3. Increases Productivity

Even if your industry requires employees to spend most of their time in front of a computer, a wellness program can help your employees be more productive as they do so. For example, when employees aren’t eating well or exercising, they are subject to sleepiness and increased distractibility.

When you increase their education on the importance of sleeping and eating well, they are more likely to follow these suggestions, leading to more alert and productive employees.

Not to mention that wellness programs help employees maintain healthy body weight. That body weight may aid them in moving faster, especially in industries where a lot of physical movement is required.

4. Boosts Employee Morale

As any good manager knows, it can be challenging to motivate employees who aren’t motivating themselves. When your company invests in a wellness program, your staff will feel that they are cared for by the company. That can lead to a boost in morale.

Plus, a healthy diet and frequent exercise (part of most wellness programs) provide a natural mood boost, helping employees feel more fulfilled and satisfied at their jobs.

5. Increases Employee Retention

Wellness plans are often presented to employees as a benefit of the position, and for a good reason! Employees gravitate towards and stay at jobs that offer the best benefits.

Adding a wellness package to your employee’s benefits can make your positions more competitive and increase retention rates. This can help your company save money on both recruiting and hiring costs in the long run.

Ready to Start a Wellness Plan?

Overall, the benefits of adding a wellness program far outweigh the costs, especially when you consider the long-term implications of increased employee retention and health.

Ready to design a wellness plan for your company? Book a free consultation with our HighKey Balance team to get started today!

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