We live in a fast-paced world that is over-stressed and over-doing instead of just being. The result of being out-of-balance slowly drains our energy leading us to a place of increased stress and unhappiness.

Therefore, we all to crave for more harmony in our lives. How do you stay in balance?

Balance is about being in sync within and with life's demands. When we as individuals are able to find that balance, it has a profound and lasting impact on the people and world around us.

At HighKey Balance, we take a holistic approach to create an intuitive, personalized and proactive plan of care to help you activate the self-healing power of your body. We strive to both educate and empower you to lead a well-balanced and healthier lives. 

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What Our Clients Are Saying

After an hour session at HighKey Balance I was feeling about as relaxed and fresh as I had in years. As a physical therapist, I was impressed by my therapists knowledge of anatomy and their manual therapy skills which had me feeling amazing afterwards!

Mike Yasson, DPT


Coach Patrick Ewing, Georgetown Hoyas


Whether you are suffering from an injury, chronic pain or want to optimize your mental health, our therapeutic massage treatments combine various techniques including Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, Myofascial Release to increase blood flow, eliminate knots and reduce pain.  


Pain relief and muscle recovery in just 3 Minutes. Whole Body Cryotherapy can help with muscle pain, joint and muscle disorders i.e. arthritis and weight loss, anxiety, depression and migraine headaches and more. 


SportStretch can be used as a warmup prior to activity or it can be applied as recovery work. Full bodywork aimed to improve mobility and flexibility and reduce stress.


Infrared sauna use has many same benefits as exercise. It helps burn calories, detoxify, boost immunity, skin rejuvenation, relaxation and whole body recovery. 


Cupping helps break down muscle adhesions, scar tissue and trigger points with the goal of increasing blood flow, relieve chronic pain and aid in detoxification and boost immune system. 


Compression therapy is clinically proven by a range of research studies. Research has revealed that the Recovery Air boots help decrease pain, soreness and muscle fatigue and increase ROM and improve blood flow.